Hi, I’m Aaron

Aaron 10 months

Hi Guys, I’m Aaron.  I’m kind of new to tumblr, and a older than most of you that I see posting pictures.  I’ve been on T for 10.5 months and I’m pre-op with no hopes of getting that done any time soon.  I’m also working on getting into Grad School to get a Masters in Social Work in hopes of working with LGBTQ kids in rural areas, like SW VA where I grew up.  My problem is that I’m out of money.  I live about 35 miles from school, and the price of gas is making it difficult to afford.  Add to that some health issues (I’m fighting kidney stones) and working at a convenience store to make the money to pay for food.  If anyone can help out, I’d greatly appreciate it.  Right now I’m at the point where all of my income is going to pay overdraft charges because the money wasn’t in the bank to cover them.  (I know, my fault entirely).  Anyway….  Thanks in advance.

I have a Go Fund Me account if you care to donate.

and my actual blog page is The Making of Aaron Christopher